Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creativity in the mundane

Sorry for the lack of posts, a lot has been going on in my life, and I have neglected my blog, I plan on being more serious about my blog, and am actually considering making video blogs, I would love to have feedback on that idea.

So recently I have been rattling off ideas of how to be more brave and daring, I find that when I do a self portrait I am hardly bold, and I have a few photo shoots where I need to strip away any insecurity I might have about myself and be bold, daring, brave, and unapologetic.

Art to me is truth, no lies, you should not have to apologize for art, it's a piece of your soul, it's your story , your emotions, your passion, it's you.

With that said, there so many things that are sooo typical it drives me insane, for instance duck lips, planking, mirror pictures etc etc.

So I thought I need to get creative with these little things that we see all the time, I would really love it if my artistic friends would come out of the wood work and we can challenge each other on what kind of typical picture you see or have seen and make it art. I think it would help us learn how to make fun of ourselves, it would help us learn how to be more creative, and take something absolutely ridiculous and make it our own.

I am really hoping you guys will take part in this, it  could have amazing potential , and I would be fascinated to see what my fellow artists come up with, to take part in this I think would be good for everyone, it's nice to not take ourselves so seriously, well even then you could take something silly and turn it into something glamorous.

I will be waiting with anticipation, your's truly,


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